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Who controls the Knights

  • Who controls the Knights

Ever since the Knights have competed at the top level, there has always been controversy, struggle and uncertainty. The past two weeks has had the lot and more.

The players showed great character last weekend to blow the Sharks of the park in front of 18,000 home fans, but now they must back it up against a North Queensland Cowboys team tipped by many to do big things this season.

The hard thing about this game is that once you have had an emotional win under trying circumstances, it is very hard to pick yourself up the following week.

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Not only has the Alex McKinnon injury rocked the club, but also the uncertainty of the clubs future or should I say owner has been in the headlines.  Now I don’t want to come across as a Tinkler supporter, but what I do want is the Knights to continue, but definitely not under the former body who ran the club into almost oblivion three years ago.

A lot of people in the media and fans are calling for Tinkler to be removed as owner. Ok, let’s say we remove Tinkler as owner, who runs the club then? It better not be the same Muppets who had control of the club before HSG came along, or should the NRL take control?

I think a lot of people have really bad short memories. Three years ago the majority of Knights members including me voted “yes” for Tinkler to take control of the club. Now it seems that those people especially a few high profile ones who demanded we all vote “yes” three years ago want us to turn our back on the guy that saved the club. It just goes to show how greedy some people are and that money is the only reason those people wanted us to vote yes. Mr Tinkler is a passionate Knights supporter just like you and me and I really don’t think he would do anything to harm the club. Do you?

If Tinkler does relinquish ownership of the Newcastle Knights, I hope the club is put into the hands of the NRL and not the members. Now before you go off at me here. Just think who would be in charge, it really wouldn’t be us members, it would be those bloody idiots of the past who think they know best. If the NRL really wants a team in Newcastle then they should take control of the club and run it like a business not a club. Otherwise we will be supporting the Central Coast Bears by 2017.

Well I’ve had my say, why not let us know what you think is the best step forward for the club. There’s no wrong or right answer here just ideas, so feel free to share your views.

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