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What now for Newcastle

  • What now for Newcastle

So Tinkler is gone but who will control the knights? This is the worrying question I would like answered as a member. Media reports say that the members have control of the club now. As a paying member I have received bugger all information on this important issue and I believe all members should have a say in what the best solution moving forward is.

Since the Knights entered the competition in 1988 the club has had nothing except poor leadership and miss-management and it looks set to continue.

So what is the future for the Knights?

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* The Wests Group has expressed interest in the past and could be a candidate to take over the club.  Everything they do is a success and it could be the right way to go if they are still interested.

* The members take full control of the club, lead by the dinosaurs that previously were involved and had no idea on how to run the club. If this is the case the Knights will be dead in a year.

* The NRL take full control of the club and run it like another arm of their empire, similar to the NSWRL or QRL. This would insure not only the future of the Newcastle Knights but also grass roots and park footy that has been sadly overlooked in this whole saga.

So there are a couple of ideas. As Knights fans I urge you to contribute your ideas to keep the Newcastle Knights not only alive, but also competitive.


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