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Top 5 Smiths

  • Top 5 Smiths

In the Knights short history they have had almost 250 players represent the first grade team and 5 of those players share the sir name Smith. So this weeks top 5 celebrates the 5 Smiths who pulled on the red and blue of Newcastle.

1). Current Knights forward Jeremy Smith has played 20 games for the club. If he has an injury free year he could have a big year.

2).† Josh Smith made his debut on the wing in 2002 against Bradford in the World Club Challenge. He scored a try in that game and after that really didnít do much more. He played 7 first grade games between 2002 & 2003.

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3).† David Smith was signed by the Knights in 1993 after a several good years at the Roosters. Smith mainly played centre and was a good goal kicker but he never kicked a goal in his 13 games with the Knights.

4). Greg Smith was a 1 game wonder from America. He didnít quiet live up to the hype that he made for himself back in 1999, but he is part of the elite Smith group that has represented the knights.

5). Craig Smith carried on the tradition of hard and tough front row forwards for the Newcastle Knights. The Kiwi international came to the club in 2005. Although at the back end of his career he did manage to win a wooden spoon for the club in his first season with the club. Smith (Craig that is) was a leader on the field and is also the leader of the Smithís who have played for the Knights with the most number of games with over 40.

Do you have any great memories of the 5 Smiths? Why not share your thoughts on the above player.

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