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Why We Hate Monday Nights

  • Why We Hate Monday Nights

Tonight North Queensland Cowboys host Newcastle Knights at 1300 Smiles Stadium. I expect another poor crowd will be in attendance for this game scheduled for a Monday night. But does the NRL really care about clubs outside of Sydney? It appears not.

If the NRL had given some thought to the 2014 season draw, this game would have been scheduled on a Saturday night. Why you ask? Well a lot of NQ supporters live 3 hours or more away. Playing on a Saturday night gives a lot of those supporters a chance to travel to see an NRL game. Also Knights supporters could make a weekend trip by flying up Friday night, watch the game live Saturday night, then return home Sunday. But obviously the NRL thinks Monday night is the better option.

If the NRL wants Monday night Rugby League, then why not make the 9 Sydney teams play on Monday nights. The teams are close together so that means less travel plus most Sydney fans donít go to the games anyway so it wouldn't matter what time of the week they play.

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Iím sure a lot of you passionate Sydney supporters will disagree, but honestly if you and the NRL want this to be a national comp then you have to start thinking about teams outside of Sydney.

Last weekend Gold Coast hosted the Cowboys on a Monday. If this game was scheduled on a Saturday night or afternoon they would have drawn more spectators. The same applies for the Round 3 game between Melbourne v Newcastle, there was only one AFL game in Melbourne on Saturday so it would have made perfect sense to play the NRL game in Melbourne on a Saturday evening. But once again itís only two teams from outside of Sydney so no one really cares right? Well thatís the feeling a lot of us supporters outside of Sydney are feeling.

Let us know what you think of the scheduling of Monday night games? Am I over reacting here or is Monday night Rugby League a waste of time?

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