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No Knights, what to do?

  • No Knights, what to do?

Its weekends like this that I wish Newcastle had two teams in the NRL or there was at least a team on the Central Coast. The Knights are away in North Queensland this week and the game is not until Monday night. So what should I do?

I could sit in front of the TV all weekend, stream games live on my tablet or should I get out and about and enjoy the rain that is about pour down on this lovely city of ours. Lake Macquaire that is, not Newcastle.

So with no NRL game in Newcastle this weekend the next best thing to do is to get out and watch a local game but the “real NRL” as it is called up here doesn’t start for another week but there is second division. So I may drive down to South Belmont to watch former NRL player Owen Craigie lead his team at Barton Oval against the mighty Cardiff Cobras. It won’t be as fancy or fast paced as the big stuff but if you love your old style footy and a decent steak sanga or a pie than the local footy ground is the place to be this weekend. Let me tell ya' the canteen does a pretty damn good pie and it's worth the entry fee through the gate of $0.

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After that game I’ll drive into Hunter Stadium and support the Jets. So now that I think of it, there’s plenty to do without the Knights this weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Supporting your local club or Jets. Or are you making the flight up to Townsville. Let us know what your up to this weekend we would love to hear your sports watching story.

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