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Gidley at Nine

  • Gidley at Nine

So Round 1 is almost here and the biggest dilemma facing coach Wayne Bennett this week is who to play at number 6.

I’ll make it easy for you Mr. Bennett… Go with Michael Dobson over Kurt Gidley.

Believe it or not, Wayne has listened to me once before. I once yelled “hold that door” as I ran towards the elevator. Bennett was inside the lift and he held the door for me. He listened to me on that occasion but I expect when it comes to footy matters he would not be so kind.

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So here is my reason for picking Dobson at 6. Penrith would be expecting Gidley to play some minutes in the halves. If they start with Dobson, the mind games begin right away. Does Ivan Cleary aim his big man to attack Roberts and Dobson in an effort to make them tired or do they concentrate on Gidley who could pop up anywhere in attack. Gidley and Waddell would swap throughout the match similar to what Kevin Kingston and James Segeyaro will do. So Bennett could use Panther tactics against the Panthers.

It makes for an interesting show down in Round 1. Who would you have in your starting 13 to tackle the Panthers?


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