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don't panic

  • don't panic

There is a good chance Newcastle will be 0 and 3 after Monday nights game against Melbourne Storm. Now before you huff and puff and think the season is over, let me assure you the Knights season is far from it. History tells us that you only need to win half of your games to qualify for the top 8 and momentum leading into the final series is the important time. With 6 home games in their final 8 matches, I would think there is no need to panic yet.

The Knights are without two key players Darius Boyd and Jarrod Mullen, between then they have over 300 games experience. So I think some people out there are expecting too much from the newbies.

David Faíalogo has is back this week and has been named on the bench for the game, but I would start with him in an effort to belt the Melbourne players and send them on the back foot, similar to what they did in last years semi final.

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So I donít think there is any need to make wholesale changes yet. Making drastic changes to the team will only shatter the confidence of Dobson and Minto, so stick by them and donít give up your team just yet. Itís only Round 3.

What would you do if you were the coach? Would you make changes or stick solid? Let us know your thoughts.

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