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Top 5 Mr Fix it

  • Top 5 Mr Fix it

When a club losers a key player to injury, it can be disastrous and could cost your team their season. So with the knights dropping like flies I thought I would go back through the archives and mention my top 5 Mr. Fix it men who served the club well filling in when a key player was out.

1). Kurt Gidley He has done it several times over the years filling in various roles when the club was in need.

2). Robbie McCormack He started out in the backs, mainly playing in the centres. In 1991 an injury to regular hooker David Mullane forced David Waite to move the Moth into the number 9 jersey. McCormack was impressive he kept the number 9 jersey for 6 seasons.

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3). John Schuster Up until the Schu arrived in 1991, the Knights struggled to find a regular goal kicker. His goal kicking proved the difference in many tight games in the 91 and 92 seasons.

4). Matt Hilder A very much under rated player, Hilder can pop up anywhere and do a job. He even filled in on the wing in one game. Although he is getting towards the back end of his career, Im sure Wayne Bennett will call on him at some stage during the season to fill a gap for an injury.

5) Leo Dynevor With Andrew Johns out for basically the first half of the 1997 season, Dynevor became the main man and filled the hole left by Johns with ease.

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