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Top 5 Nines/Sevens moments from the past.

  • Top 5 Nines/Sevens moments from the past.

With the Inaugural Auckland Nines run and won, I thought I would select my top 5 moments from the Nines and the old Sevens format.

1).† In 1991 Newcastle won their first major trophy defeating St. George †24-22 in the final at a packed Parramatta Stadium.

2). In 1992 the format was changed to the World Sevens.

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3).† Newcastle won their second sevens title in 1996, this time defeating North Sydney 48-18.

4). In 1996 Super League began the World Nines. The tournament only lasted two years with New Zealand winning both titles in 1996 & 97.

5). After a long absence the short form of Rugby League is back.

Thatís my top 5 for this week. Can you remember any great moments from past tournaments?

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